January 26 2004

My scepticism

The name of "The SCEPTIC" for this section of my page Web reflective my state of spirit, hurted but not fatigued, for the null results in my intents of making understand the economic and social reach of my book La Tercera Vía, editions 1984 and 1999. I will not reason my own vision of the politics but of the politicians; neither of the partisan ideologies but of the gurus that manipulate them. To differ between Banks and bankers, between economy and economists, among finances and financial, among the human mass that he/she works and the opulence that accumulates wealth to coast of that work. To mark the change of the politicians' profile before and after the elections. Before they are helpful, kind people, of overflowing cordiality; then you don't look for them that they won't receive you, neither they will assist you and neither they will answer none of your letters if you are happened to write them. Twenty years treating to get the minimum attention to my Project of transforming the Contract of Work into Contract of Society opening the road so that it is completed and become the second paragraph of the article in fact 129.2 of our Constitution that he/she says: The public powers.... the means that facilitate the access from the workers to the property of the production means will. ." And the article 47: "All the Spaniards are entitled to enjoy a worthy and appropriate housing."
My Web is based on giving real execution to both constitutional dispositions. The details and calculations of financial mathematics can be studied. Who doesn't agree he/she has the value to discuss him with me with honesty and enough knowledge, because, for me, the professional politicians, those that are not good for another productive activity that is not to stand out in their verborrea, are perfect illiterate in economy and finances and for this reason I grant them the presumption of innocence that they don't work with bad faith, but for ignorance and fear to lose their leaderships and to move away from the aura of the power, when they prefix their personal interests to the interests of the citizens. It is also possible they fear to the ridicule if they try to oppose themselves openly to a Project of which don't have the most minimum notion, although there are them that with self-confidence they dare to everything.
This section of my Web, making use of my freedom of speech and liberate opinion, I will dedicate it to the corrosive critic with the biggest possible respect. Fear diverse and constant frequency.
With the purpose of breaking the monotony of reading the medley of a prose more or less extensive, often I will use complements in verse (only in the Spanish version)
when considering that the ideas are more concise and more penetrating and the most interesting reading. The title "The SCEPTIC" of this reflective page my scepticism.
In the following article I will expose my reasoning that the real problems of the citizens in a democratic administration are not of abstract politics but of concrete economy. The widespread political promises contained in an electoral program are not good to fill the basket of the market and they behave a minimum abstention in the elections from the 30 to 40 percent, or more. A detailed project whose main offer is to have the economic capacity to generate resources, without fiscal pressure neither indebtedness that allow the full employment, base of the individual prosperity, will reduce the abstention to a surprising minimum. IT IS VITAL MY NEW FISCAL SYSTEM.
If they want to contact me to clarify them any point of my page that describes the Project of they can make it to
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Francisco Montaner

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